8-year-old girl dies after grandfather allows her to drive his car

Cadence Orcutt 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A young girl’s mother said that she is very distraught over the sudden death of her daughter.

8-year-old Cadence Orcutt of Kansas, died in a tragic car accident after her grandfather allowed her to take the wheel of his Chevy Cobalt.

Cadence Orcutt was declared dead at the scene after she lost control of the vehicle and crashed, rolling down an embankment before overturning.

The young girl’s grandfather, Dennis Meers of Troy, allegedly said that he allowed the girl take the wheel before the accident.

Police said that Orcutt was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. Brittany took to Facebook, to talk about her heartbreak over losing her beloved daughter.

She wrote: “As I sit in my bedroom clinging to my daughter’s ball glove, kickball, favorite cow pillow, and the box of things her teacher brought home to us, I am reminded once again she's not coming home.

“She's not walking through my front door. No more homework after school. I can't do her hair anymore. No more hugs, no more kisses, and no more I love yous. I ask all you parents and grandparents to make sure that your babies know you love them.

“A senseless act which I would never ever had condoned, took my angel. It sickens me, and there's nothing I can do to make it different”

In another post she wrote: “The saddest moment is when the person who gave you the best memories becomes a memory."

May she rest in peace.

Female inmates compete for prison beauty queen title

Beauty pageant 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Inmates of a prison in Brazil, were happy to compete in a beauty pageant for the title of prison beauty queen.

27-year-old Michelle Neri Rangel, who is serving a 39-year sentence for robbery, won the title, and she was crowned as the prison’s beauty queen.

Rangel beat 9 other inmates for the Miss Talavera Bruce 2016 in the maximum security prison in Rio de Janeiro.

Rangel is in prison since 2010, after being convicted of committing a series of robberies and prostitution.

She said that the competition is a matter of honor. “I feel like a woman. I learned how to feel like a woman in prison,” she said.

Participants had their hair and makeup styled by volunteers. Family and friends of the contestants were invited to the event. Armed guards protected the area.

10 judges made the final decision. The women first showed off their bodies in swimsuits and then in evening gowns.

The competition is not just about beauty. The judges also look for confidence and the ability to express sympathy.

The annual event is organized by community and religious groups that want to increase the self-esteem of prisoners.

Teenager poses as girl to get boys to send him nude photos before threatening to publish them

Ryan Lee 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A teenager was ordered to register as a sex offender for tricking boys into sending him nude photos.

19-year-old Ryan Lee of Willesborough, England, used the snapchat application on his phone to get boys to send him nude photos while he was out from jail on bail.

The court in Kent, heard how Lee, was arrested after several young people contacted police to report his misconduct.

According to the police complaint, Lee pretended to be a girl named Amber, and asked the school-aged boys to send him indecent photos of themselves.

Even after his arrest, Lee contacted a 12-year-old boy while out on bail, and posed as a teenage girl before asking him for nude photos.

The Canterbury Crown Court heard how Lee, got in touch with the child and told him he was going to share the photos. The terrified boy told his parents, who contacted the police.

Detective Constable Kinga Hammersley said that Lee, deliberately deceived children into believing they were participating in an online relationship with a girl for his own sexual pleasure.

Lee was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to 11 charges. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender.

Woman breaks into home before eating candy and leaving her dentures behind

Connie Frances Perris 
By: Feng Qian

Police in Pennsylvania, arrested a woman for stealing candy from a stranger's home.

The woman was charged theft in Dauphin County, after she broke into two houses.

Police said that 52-year-old Connie Frances Perris, entered two apartments in Lykens Borough on Thursday.

The occupants of the first apartment, were home when Perris came into their home, and they immediately called the police.

Perris left and she then entered a second apartment, which was unoccupied at the time. She helped herself to the family’s candy.

Police said that Perris, urinated on the floor. She also took out her dentures and left it in the apartment along with a handwritten note with her name.

Police used the dentures and the note to find Perris.

When the officers found Perris, she was visibly intoxicated and did not remember the incident.

Perris of Pittsburgh, was with a friend in Lykens. She was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

Police respond to domestic violence incident and find man screaming at spider

Spider illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

Police in Australia, wrote about a unique call they got this week on Facebook.

Police in Sydney, said that several neighbors called to report a domestic violence incident after they heard a man threatening to kill a woman.

Several police officers rushed to an apartment in Wollstonecraft at 2:00 a.m., after a series of reports about a woman screaming hysterically while a man was heard screaming “I'll kill you,” “You're dead,” and “Die, die.”

Neighbors also reported hearing sounds of furniture being tossed around the house.

When police arrived at the scene, they learned that the man attempted to kill a spider in the house.

Numerous police officers responded to the address and began banging on the door. The man who answered the door, was out of breath, police said.

On the New South Wales (NSW) Police Force Facebook page, officers wrote about their unusual encounter with the man.

Police: “Where’s your wife?”
Male: “Umm I don’t have one.”
Police: “Where is your girlfriend?”
Male: “Umm I don’t have one.”
Police: “We had a report of a domestic incident and a woman screaming. Where is she?”
Male: “I don’t know what you’re talking about I live alone.”
Police: “Come on mate, people clearly heard you yelling. You were going to kill her and furniture was thrown around the unit.”
Police: “Come on mate. What have you done to her.”
Male: “It was a spider.”
Police “Sorry?”
Male: “It was a spider, a really big one.”
Police :”What about the woman screaming?”
Male: “Yes sorry. That was me. I really hate spiders.”

At that point, the man allowed officers to search his house to make sure there was no injured people apart from the spider. After confirming the man’s story, officers left.

Mother to marry man she stole from her daughter

Marie and Danni Summers 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman of the United Kingdom, is refusing to attend her mother’s wedding because she stole her man.

Danni Summers of England, was just 17 years old when she fell in love with her friend's uncle.

The man, Anthony Key, was 30 years old at the time. Danni said that she liked the way Key treated her. He took her out for dinner and to watch movies.

The two had a good relationship until he betrayed her in the worst way by cheating with her own mother.

When Marie Summers, 44, admitted to her daughter that she was in love with Key, Danni was devastated. She moved to Grimsby, to live with her father.

She cut off ties with her mother for a few years. Danni has since moved on from the heartbreak. She found a good man and they have a daughter together.

When she was pregnant, Danni decided to reach out to her mother. The mother and daughter are working on their relationship.

However, Danni made it clear that she will not attend the wedding of her mother and her former partner, who will soon be her stepfather.

American Airlines kicks fat man off plane because he was overweight and sitting next to petite woman

Chris Shelley 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man of California, who frequently flies with American Airlines, was shocked that he was kicked of a plane because he was overweight and sitting next to a petite woman.

Chris Shelley of Orange County, was told by a flight attendant that since his fat overlapped his seat by two inches, he was ineligible to fly and must leave the plane.

Shelley said that the incident began after he boarded the American Airlines flight from Dallas, Texas, and sat down next to a petite woman.

The woman was unhappy with her overweight neighbor, and decided to complain to the flight attendants. After a few minutes, a flight attendant approached Shelley, and ordered him to take his belongings and himself off the plane.

The employee said that the woman sitting next to him complained that he was too large for his seat and anyone overlapping two inches on the seat cannot fly on the plane.

American Airlines apologized via two emails. A spokesperson for the company said that they launched an investigation.

Father has sex with his 18-year-old twin daughters and gets them both pregnant

Pregnant woman illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A father was arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly having sex with his teenage daughters and getting them pregnant, police in Kenya said.

Wundanyi police said that they have arrested the father, who was not identified, after being accused of having sex with his 18-year-old twin daughters and getting them pregnant.

The father was charged with two counts of rape. In court, the father pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was booked into the Wundanyi GK jail, and his bail was set at $500.

According to the police investigation, the father began having sex with both teens, who are students at the Ngami Secondary school, when they were 17 years old.

One daughter is eight months pregnant while the other is three months pregnant.

PETA steals dog from young girl and kills it

Dog illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) PETA was slapped with a multi-million dollars lawsuit after being accused of stealing a dog from a little girl and killing it, according to court documents in Virginia.

Wilber Zarate of Parksley, said that her daughter suffered extreme emotional distress when she learned that a worker of PETA stole her dog and euthanized it.

The family is demanding $9 million from PETA on charges of trespassing and emotional distress. Zarate bought Maya, as a gift for her daughter four years ago.

One day, the family left the dog on the porch as they went to the store to buy Maya a pillow. When they came back, Maya was gone.

Zarate learned that PETA stole the dog from the porch and killed it. After Maya was killed, PETA came to the house with a basket of fruit.

The girl however, cried for a week. She couldn’t sleep and lost a lot of weight. PETA received a fine of $500 because the dog was not kept alive the amount of time required by law.

PETA said that the person responsible for Maya’s death was immediately suspended and later fired.

Saudi Arabia denies executing gay race horse worth $12 million

Saudi official denies executing gay horse 
By: Chan Yuan

An official in Saudi Arabia, has denied reports that circulated this week, that police have executed a gay race horse that was caught mating with two males.

Earlier this week, unofficial reports began circulating on the Internet, claiming that the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, have ordered the execution of a 4-year-old race horse worth about $12 million after allegedly being caught in a sexual relationship with other male horses.

According to the unconfirmed reports, when the four-year-old horse was allegedly captured on two separate occasions having sex with males, the matter was reported to the police.

Police rushed to the scene and seized the horse.

The horse was then brought before the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and a death warrant was signed.

After learning about the death warrant, dozens of U.S. horse owners have offered to buy the horse in order to prevent its death.

However, officials have denied that the horse was scheduled to be executed.

Popular attorney wins Miss Bikini beauty pageant after revealing double life as fitness model

Anita Williamson-Graham (center) 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A popular attorney in Ireland, surprised her family and friends by winning the Miss Bikini beauty pageant in the over 40 category in the Fitness Model Northern Ireland championship.

45-year-old Anita Williamson-Graham of Banbridge,revealed that she only started training as a fitness model several months ago, and she already managed to win a title.

Williamson-Graham, a mother of two children, is also a popular attorney. She is hoping to compete in the international competition and come in at first place.

Williamson-Graham said that she was always into fitness and exercise, and recently, her friends encouraged her to show off her body professionally.

In order to achieve her body, Williamson-Graham sticks to a strict diet and a brutal exercise regimen, which is monitored by several experts.

In her first competition, which was held at the Hilton Hotel in Templepatrick, she won Miss Bikini in the above 40 category and came in at third place in the Yummy Mummy category.

A month later, Williamson-Graham once again won the Miss Bikini title and came in at second place in the Yummy Mummy category.

Williamson-Graham practices criminal, civil and family law. At the World Championships contest on Saturday, she will be competing in the above 40 and the Yummy Mummy categories.

Her husband Walter, 44, and her two children, Molly, 15, and Oliver, 9, are very supportive of Williamson-Graham.

Man stabs his father and mother because they didn’t buy him fast food

Ronald Pritchett 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly stabbing his father and mother during a fight over food, police in Louisiana said.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested Ronald Pritchett of Purvis, Mississippi, after being accused of flying into a rage while having dinner with his parents, 58-year-old Percival Pritchett and 57-year-old Renta Pritchett.

Ronald Pritchett was charged with second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and auto theft. He was booked into the Lamar County jail, where he is being held pending a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, the incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. in the 800 block of Bellemeade Boulevard.

Ronald Pritchett came to visit his parents for dinner, but he became angry that they didn’t give him any fast food. Ronald Pritchett then armed himself with a knife and went to confront his parents who locked themselves in their bedroom.

Upon discovering the bedroom door locked, Ronald Pritchett kicked the door in and began stabbing his mother and father.

He then fled the scene in his father’s car. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found the mother near a staircase on the first floor of the house.

She had multiple stab wounds to the head. Officers then went to a room on the second floor, where they found the father with multiple stab wounds in the chest.

He was taken to the Ochsner Westbank Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The mother was taken to University Hospital, where she remains in critical condition.

21-year-old woman knocks out all her teeth by pushing shopping cart into her face

Shopping cart illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young woman was rushed to a hospital after playing around with a shopping cart, which slammed into her face and knocked out all her teeth, police in Australia said.

Queensland police said that the incident unfolded at the Helensvale Plaza around 3:00 p.m.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Ambulance Service, said that they received a call about an injured woman at the shopping center.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene, found the 21-year-old woman suffering from injuries to her chin and her teeth were missing.

A damaged shopping cart was found nearby. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where she is said to be in stable condition.

According to the police investigation, the woman was playing with the shopping cart in the parking lot of the mall when she accidentally pushed it into her face.

Drunk man calls police to help him drive his car home

Drunk man illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A drunk man was arrested on a charge of drunk driving after allegedly calling the police to help him drive home, police in Canada said.

York Regional police said that they have arrested 27-year-old Andrew Scuglia, after being accused of trying to operate his car under the influence of alcohol before calling the police for help.

According to the police investigation, on Tuesday around 2:30 a.m., Scuglia called the police, seeking help to start his car.

Scuglia told police that he is located on Bathurst Street near King Road. The police dispatcher heard the suspect trying to start the engine, but it failed.

Officers who arrived at the scene, found the vehicle on the side of King Road. The car was running, but Scuglia was unable to drive it.

Scuglia showed obvious signs of being impaired by alcohol. He was arrested and taken to a police station. A test showed that his blood alcohol content was much higher than the legal limit.

Man breaks into car to steal burger and strips naked after being confronted

Burger illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of theft after allegedly breaking into a car to steal a burger before stripping naked, police in Australia said.

Derby police said that the man, who was not identified, was hungry and spotted a Hungry Jack's Whopper burger in a truck.

The suspect broke into the car and took the burger.

The owner of the vehicle quickly confronted the suspect as his friend brought him the burger from a store located 1,000 miles away.

However, the suspect took off all his clothes and ran away. The victim called the police, who quickly arrested the naked man.

However, there was no sign of the burger. The suspect was charged with disorderly conduct and theft. “A naked man was arrested for going through someone's car. It's hot up here but that's no excuse,” police wrote on Twitter.

Woman gives birth on toilet after mistaking her baby for feces

Marie Delanote and Eloise 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman of the United Kingdom, was shocked to give birth while sitting on her toilet at home after mistaking her baby for feces.

35-year-old Marie Delanote of Essex, said that her little daughter Eloise, was born 17 weeks prematurely after she suffered from a strep infection that spread to her womb.

Delanote, a mother of four children who had been constipated for a few days, felt a strong urge to go to the toilet. In the bathroom, Delanote felt something between her legs and she thought that she soiled herself.

She stood up, went to look in the mirror and was shocked to see her baby’s head between her legs. She called her 51-year-old husband Andrew, who called an ambulance.

She was quickly taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Eloise weighed just one pound when she was born with strep, and she was fighting for her life for four months before being released.

Now, Eloise is as healthy as any other girl.