Airline fires married pilot after inviting porn star into cockpit and letting her sit on his lap

Chloe Mafia 
By: Tanya Malhotra

The Ministry of Transportation in Kuwait, ordered an airline to remove a pilot from the cockpit after allegedly inviting a porn star to sit on his lap while flying a commercial jet.

Kuwait Airways announced that it has removed the pilot after the government has suspended his license to fly planes.

According to the investigation, the pilot, who was not identified, invited 24-year-old Chloe Mafia and her friend into the cockpit in order to keep him company for the duration of the flight from London, England, to New York.

He ordered champagne and told them to sit on his lap.

Mafia, also known as Chloe Khan, said that the married pilot wanted to look at her body, and boasted about having sex with all the female flight attendants.

Mafia said that she and her friend were sitting in the business class section for about 30 minutes, when a flight attendant approached and told them to go to the cockpit to meet the pilot.

Mafia went to the cockpit, where the pilot greeted her. During the flight, the pilot smoked around 40 cigarettes and invited Mafia to sit on his lap while operating the plane.

Mafia revealed that she was concerned for her safety and the safety of the passengers on board. At one point, the pilot asked Mafia to undress in order to see her naked, but she refused.

When Mafia arrived in New York, she wrote about her experience with the pilot, prompting the Transportation Ministry to launch an investigation.

Mother rapes her 15-year-old stepson while husband was on business trip

Sad boy illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A mother was arrested on a charge of rape after raping her stepson while her husband was away on a business trip, police in Zimbabwe said.

Now, the 34-year-old woman of Bindura, has been sentenced to serve 12 years in prison after being convicted of rape.

The judge however, suspended 6 years of the sentence, saying that the case was bizarre and the woman is unlikely to rape her stepson again.

According to the police investigation, the woman, who was not identified, barged into the 15-year-old boy’s room, where she attacked him.

The woman made sure that the boy was wearing a condom.

The matter came to light after the boy's father found the used condom in his son’s room. When the victim was questioned, he revealed that his stepmother raped him.

The father immediately called the police, and the woman was arrested.

Suspect unzips pants and urinates in front of judge after being denied bathroom break

Courtroom illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A man in Botswana, who was arrested on a charge of robbery, unzipped his pants and urinated in front of a judge because he was denied a bathroom break.

Palapye police said that Kabelo Suping, was arrested on a charge of robbery after being caught stealing items from a shop along with an accomplice identified as Gofaone Modukanele.

During a bail hearing, Suping asked the judge for a toilet break.

The judge however, denied his request, saying that he could have used the bathroom before coming to court. In response, Suping unzipped his pants and urinated in front of the judge.

The judge suspended the bail hearing, and a cleaning crew was called to disinfect the courtroom. As the suspects were waiting outside, Suping said that the judge left him with no choice but to urinate in the courtroom.

Man who was caught having sex with donkey tells court it was his wife

Donkey illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on a charge of bestiality after he was caught having sex with a donkey on his neighbor's property, police in Zimbabwe said.

Now, 24-year-old Munyaradzi Chidhani of Mwenezi, has been sentenced to perform 280 hours of community service after pleading guilty to bestiality.

According to the police investigation, on Sunday, Chidhani found a donkey grazing in his neighbor’s field and decided to have sex with it.

He tied a rope around its neck before attaching the other side to a nearby tree. The court heard that Chidhani became intimate with the animal.

The neighbor identified as Benjamin Sendeke, came out of his home to check on his animals and found Chidhani having sex with his donkey.

When Chidhani saw Sendeke, he tried to escape. Sendeke chased after him, caught him and dragged him to the police station.

Newborn baby girl buried alive under sidewalk asphalt gets rescued

Police officer holding the baby 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police in California, were called after two women heard a baby crying from underneath the asphalt of a sidewalk.

Evangelina McCrary of Los Angeles, was walking with her sister when she heard the cries of a baby from the ground close to her feet.

She asked her sister if she heard the sound. The sister believed it was a cat that fell into a small hole under the asphalt, which was covered with wood and rocks.

The women reached out to Angel Flores, who lives in the area, and together they went to see what was buried underneath the ground.

McCrary moved the sticks and rocks and found the newborn baby. They called the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and the baby was found wrapped in a hospital blanket.

Doctors believe that the baby was born 36 to 48 hours before she was found.

The baby was taken to a hospital and is said to be in stable condition. Police are looking for the baby’s parents who are either black or Hispanic.

Female police officer pretends to be suicidal man’s girlfriend in order to save his life

The suicidal man (left) and the police officer 
By: Feng Qian

Police officers in Taiwan, came up with a unique plane to save a suicidal man from jumping out of a building.

The man was devastated after his girlfriend left him and he was unable to find her.

The broken hearted man stepped out of the 6th floor window of a building and threatened to jump. The man refused to come back inside until police contacted his girlfriend.

In order to save the man’s life, a good-looking police officer posed as his girlfriend. She stood outside the building with her face covered in a surgical mask and hat.

She pretended to be his girlfriend. She cried and begged him to come inside so that they can talk about their relationship and work things out.

At first, the 40-year-old man who was identified as Wu, turned to go back inside the house to talk to the woman. However, he soon realized that he was being played.

He then refused to come back inside. By that time, a number of officers were at the house. They grabbed the man and pulled him back into the house.

High school teacher steals shoes from homes and returns them with bodily fluids

Kenneth Johnson 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A high school math teacher turned himself into police after being accused of a bizarre crime.

Police in Virginia, said that they have arrested Kenneth Johnson, for theft of shoes. Police allege that Johnson took shoes from strangers and kept them for a few days before returning them with a bodily fluids.

The thefts have taken place in Henrico County, since early September. Police said that Johnson took the shoes from people’s porches and returned them days later with what police called "biological evidence.”

Henrico County School spokesperson Andy Jenks, said that the suspect turned himself into police. He was a math teacher at the Varina high school, and has been placed on administrative leave.

One victim told police that she saw the “shoe thief” taking her shoes, and when she asked him what he was doing, he said that he liked to smell women's shoes. He then allegedly sniffed the shoes in front of the victim.

The teacher faces eight counts of damaging property and three counts of petty larceny.

Customer’s dog shoots pizza delivery guy

Pizza illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was hospitalized after he was shot by a dog, police in Ohio said.

The pizza delivery guy was shot by a dog when it got hold of a loaded gun in Toledo, Ohio.

18-year-old Ryan Brill was delivering pizza to a house in the 5800 block of Rambo Lane about 8:15 p.m.

The customer, Anthony Wulf, told police that he put his gun on a table before answering the door. However, the dog got to the gun and threw it to the floor.

The gun fell to the ground, shot once and it hit Brill in the right leg. Wulf took the victim into his house and performed first aid on the wound and called police.

Brill was treated at the ProMedica Toledo Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Brill, who is employed by Wild Wings N Things, said he was surprised by what happened. He said that has delivered pizza to Wulf before and he was never injured.

The victim left the hospital after about two hours of treatment. He will need crutches for two to three weeks. Police did not file charges against Wulf.

Brill said that he received an apology from the gun owner and he has no plans to press charges against Wulf. However, he admitted that he does not know if he is ever going to deliver pizza to Wulf’s house again.

Mother allows 3-year-old son to live as girl after he tried to cut off his private parts with scissors

Kerry McFadyen 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A mother said that she knew her son was uncomfortable in his own skin after he attempted to cut off his private parts.

32-year-old Kerry McFadyen of Cairngorms, Scotland, found her 3-year-old son Daniel, in the bathroom trying to cut off his manhood so that he can be a girl, according to his mother.

His parents said that they had to make the difficult decision to let Daniel live as a girl named Danni. He is believed to be the youngest child in the United Kingdom, to live as a transgender.

McFadyen and her husband Craig, 34, took their daughter to her doctor for advice and they were sent to the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in Leeds, where Daniel was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Since he has been able to live as a girl, she is much happier. Danni tells other children that she has a girl's head and a boy's body.

In an attempt to raise awareness of the condition, McFadyen set up a Facebook page called “My Transgender Child,” to tell Danni's story and to help other parents who may be struggling with a similar situation to share their experiences.

43-year-old man fathers 46 babies in just 2 years

Declan Rooney 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man set up a website to help childless couples realize their dream of having a family.

Declan Rooney of the United Kingdom, claims that he fathered 46 children in 2 years.

Rooney has eight children of his own from four different women. He insists that he does not receive money for his sperm donations. He travels up to 200 miles to meet clients and he charges only for travel expenses.

Experts have called for the 43-year-old man to be investigated, saying this his unregulated actions could be unsafe.

Rooney said that he has fathered 17 boys, 14 girls and another 15 women are pregnant by him.

“I'm not ashamed. I have helped women create families,” he said.

His website states that he offers the services to lesbians, single women, bisexual women and heterosexual couples who can not conceive themselves.

Rooney claims that his service is so popular that he even helped three women conceive within a 24-hour period.

Rooney carries out health checks on all potential mothers, and asks for proof of income and benefits to ensure they can afford to take care of the child.

On the website, he states that he is willing to help women, either through artificial insemination or naturally with no strings attached.

Brother and sister swap genders before coming out as transgender

Aly known as Gavin (left) and Russie known as Rai 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A mother spoke about the change in her life when she was told that her son wants to be a woman and her daughter wants to live as a man.

Russie McGarrity and his younger sister Aly, both of Connecticut, were always a bit different, according to their mother.

However, she and her husband Russ, began worrying about their son, as he spiraled into depression. She said that he got into trouble in school and they even threatened to expel him after he was found in the girls bathroom.

One day, Russie told his parents: “I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.”

While the family members were concerned with the struggle of Russie, his sister was also struggling with her own identity.

A few days after her 15th birthday, Aly told her brother that she was transgender. She then broke the news to her parents. Just one month later, their son Russie came out as transgender.

Both underwent hormone treatments and they live as transgender. Today Russie, 20, is known as Rai, while Aly, 17, is known as Gavin.

Their parents said that nothing had changed in terms of how much they love their children and they still have a son and a daughter.

91-year-old woman suffocates during sex game with 49-year-old married man

Couple in bed illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A 91-year-old woman was found dead in her bed, police in Portugal said.

It is believed that the 91-year-old woman suffocated during a sex game with her 49-year-old neighbor.

The elderly woman was found in her bed naked from the waist down with an adult toy next to her at her home in Aveiro.

Police arrested the neighbor, who is a married man and father of two children. He lives in the house next door to the woman. The man was arrested after his DNA recovered from the victim linked him to the crime.

The man was released on bail after going before a judge who was told that autopsy results showed the woman died from asphyxiation, which is believed to have occurred during a sex game that spiraled out of control.

A neighbor described the woman, who lived alone, as “very active” despite her age. The neighbor also said that the man who was arrested, often went to the woman’s house to do odd jobs around the house.

Police said that there were no signs of forced entry and nothing was taken from the house.

Man sues department store after being banned from women’s lingerie show

Model illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man who was prohibited from attending a women’s lingerie show held at a department store, filed a lawsuit on a claim of discrimination as men are consumers of women’s lingerie just as women, according to court documents in Austria.

The man who was identified as Gunter S., told the court that he enjoys buying sexy lingerie for his girlfriend.

Last month, when he arrived at the department store to participate in a lingerie show, an employee told him that single men are now allowed to attend.

Gunter said he and his girlfriend had been invited to the show, but she had to cancel at the last moment. However, he still wanted to participate in order to buy lingerie for his girlfriend.

After insisting on participating, the employee called a security guard. That is when Gunter decided to leave. Gunter filed a complaint of discrimination, and also complained on the store’s Facebook page.

The store apologized to Gunter, but officials believe that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the store violated discrimination laws as men are just as likely as women to buy lingerie.

Officials also said that the models would not have been in danger if Gunter attended the show.

3-year-old girl dies after teacher forced her to sit in boiling water

Hot liquid illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A teacher was arrested on a charge of child abuse after allegedly forcing a girl to sit in boiling water, which resulted in the child’s death, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State police said that they have arrested the teacher identified as Maryam, after forcing 3-year-old Abolore Haliya, to sit in a container full of boiling water.

Maryam was charged with one count of child abuse. The school is being investigated on a charge of negligence for failing to properly supervise the teacher.

According to the police investigation, the incident occurred on Wednesday during school hours. The teacher forced Haliya, to sit in the boiling water until her thighs and private parts got severely burned.

She was first taken to the Lagos Island General Hospital, but was later transferred to the Gbagada General Hospital.

However, she suffered complications and died after two weeks.

Doctors at the hospital notified the police, and Maryam was arrested. The principal of the school identified as Bose Shomoade, is being questioning by police.

Police are trying to determine if a sexual motive was behind the attack.

Organizer of sex party hires 17-year-old girl to have sex with 30 men at the same time

Party illustration 
By: Feng Qian

The organizer of a sex party was arrested for violating prostitution laws after allegedly hiring a 17-year-old girl to have sex with dozens of men, police in Japan said.

Tokyo police said that they have arrested 47-year-old Yuji Fukumoto, after being accused of hiring the 17-year-old girl and paying her to have sex with 30 men at a hotel.

According to the police investigation, Fukumoto, who works as a dance instructor, organized a sex party for 30 male guests at a hotel and promised participants four prostitutes.

However, one of the prostitutes was the 17-year-old girl, and she was paid to have sex with all 30 men.

Police have also arrested the suspect’s accomplice, 27-year-old Shunichi Tsubouchi, who works as a physical education teacher.

Tsubouchi, who is currently on trial for violating prostitution laws in an unrelated incident, is accused of participating in the sex party.

ISIS fighter accidentally blows himself up while using rocket propelled grenade to shoot target

ISIS fighter blowing himself up 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) An ISIS fighter in Syria, who was trying to shoot a target with a rocket propelled grenade, accidentally blew himself up in the process, according to a video uploaded to YouTube.

The man dressed all in black and squatting on the floor, blew himself to bits after trying to shoot out the grenade through a hole in the wall of his home.

In the video that was uploaded to YouTube that has since gone viral, the fighter is seen preparing the rocket propelled grenade launcher by raising it over his shoulder.

The fighter then directed the weapon to a big hole in the wall, which was created by an earlier explosion.

As he prepared to shoot the grenade, it accidentally exploded in his hands, leaving the room covered in debris and filled with smoke.

It is unknown if the person recording the video survived the explosion.

Man chokes to death while enjoying steak at restaurant during 57th birthday celebration

Christopher Russ at his 57th birthday party 
By: Wayne Morin

A man died after choking on a piece of steak during his birthday celebration at a restaurant, police in Florida said.

Fort Myers police said that 57-year-old Christopher Russ, was with friends and family at the Ted's Montana Grill, when he began choking.

Paramedics and employees tried to save the choking man after a piece of steak got lodged in his throat. After 25 minutes, Russ was declared dead.

Russ ordered a martini and steak and was halfway through his meal when he died.

Russ’ landlord, Francine Ryan, said that the victim was very excited to eat at the Ted's Montana Grill, and spoke about his upcoming birthday celebration many times.

She also said that Russ ordered a 6-inch-long steak and it was prepared medium to rare. She watched as Russ quickly ate his steak before he began choking.

Driver kills bicyclist with truck while woman performed sex act on him on highway

Randy Joe Allen 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was arrested on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly killing a bicyclist with his truck while a woman performed a sex act on him, police in Florida said.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested 52-year-old Randy Joe Allen, after being accused of killing 49-year-old Terry Lamunt Ross.

Allen was charged with one count of leaving the scene of an accident causing death. He was booked into the Polk County Jail.

According to the police investigation, Ross, who has been homeless for some time, was riding his bicycle on the shoulder of Highway 92 on Saturday.

Allen was driving a green Ford-F250 when he hit Ross, according to a witness at the scene. Police received information that Allen was at the Liquid Larry’s Bar in Lakeland.

They found the damaged truck outside the bar. Detectives found blood stains on the passenger door. Allen told police that he believed that he struck a traffic stop sign or a railing while driving on Highway 92.

He also told officers that he had a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident. He said that the passenger distracted him and prevented him from seeing what he hit.

The passenger was interviewed at the Royal Inn Motel.

When detectives questioned the passenger about the incident, she said that she met Allen at a bar and after a few drinks, she left the bar with the suspect.

The passenger then told police that she was performing a sex act on Allen while he was driving. She heard a noise, but Allen told her that he hit a traffic sign and continued driving.

The passenger did not see what Allen hit.

Curious man loses his arms after putting powder of fireworks into coffee grinder causing it to explode

Sparkler illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man lost his arms after putting powder of fireworks into a coffee grinder because he wanted to learn how it works, police in Florida said.

Cape Coral police said that 31-year-old Justin McHenry, lost his arm during an experiment after his coffee grinder exploded.

McHenry told investigators that he was just curious about how the fireworks worked and decided to investigate. He did not intend to harm or hurt anyone, police said.

Fortunately, nobody besides McHenry got hurt. According to the police investigation, McHenry wanted to know what caused the flash in a standard sparkling device.

McHenry bought the necessary fireworks and followed the instructions found on the Internet. He placed the powder through a coffee grinder and that caused the explosion.

Following the explosion, police swarmed the area and placed it under a lockdown order. McHenry shared the story as a warning to others.

Man digs up 5 graves and steals 100-year-old skeletal remains

Amador Medina 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after being caught with skeletal remains, which he dug up and stole from a cemetery, police in Connecticut said.

Hartford police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Amador Medina, after he was caught in possession of stolen skeletons, which were stolen from the Hope Cemetery.

Massachusetts State Police said that Medina was wanted for speeding and possessing a revoked license. Investigators believe that Medina stole the skeletons for religious reasons.

According to the police investigation, Medina allowed police to enter his apartment located at 245 Preston Street. He led the officers to the second floor of his home and showed them the remains, which are about 100 years old.

Police investigators believe that the remains were taken from five separate graves at the Hope Cemetery located on Webster Street.