Gay activist files lawsuit after video streaming sites removed Mama Rainbow

Mama Rainbow Facebook page 
By: Chan Yuan

A gay rights activist filed a lawsuit against the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China, after it allegedly sent a letter to video streaming sites, asking them to remove the Mama Rainbow documentary.

30-year-old Fan Popo of Beijing, said that he filed the lawsuit after the three major video streaming sites removed his documentary, which features six mothers along with their gay and lesbian children.

Popo has worked for eight years to promote gay-themed movies.
According to the lawsuit, Mama Rainbow remained on the three major video streaming sites for three years, but earlier this month, the documentary disappeared.

The streaming video sites told Popo, that they received a letter from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, that the documentary violated its guidelines.

When Popo requested an explanation from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, they denied issuing such a letter.

3-year-old girl in critical condition after swallowing thumbtack in school

Yellow and red thumbtacks (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A young girl was rushed to a hospital after swallowing a thumbtack she found on the floor of her classroom, police in Florida said.

Ocala police said that 3-year-old Honesty Eads, was found lying on the floor unconscious by her classmate.

She was rushed to the UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, where she is said to be in critical condition. Eads has a brother and a sister, ages 5 and 6, who were at the school during the time of the incident.

According to the police investigation, officers went to the Kingdom Christian Academy located at 519 SW 10th Street, after receiving a report that a child was not breathing.

A teacher told the police that she was in the classroom giving out breakfast to the children when he heard a child say that Eads looked like a vampire.

Eads was lying on the floor gasping for air and bleeding from the mouth. A second teacher who was nearby, ran over and gave the girl CPR.

Eads was taken to the hospital, where a doctor removed a yellow thumbtack from her throat.

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Posted by Devin Turner on Thursday, December 24, 2015

Man breaks his leg after being hypnotized by comedian during comedy show

Woman under hypnosis (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man filed a lawsuit against a comedy club after a comedian hypnotized him, causing him to break a leg, according to court documents in Nebraska.

The incident unfolded at the Funny Bone Comedy Club, which is located on 168th Street near West Dodge Road.

According to the lawsuit, 38-year-old William M. Bendorf attended the DougT Hypnosis Show, where he was hypnotized.

Bendorf was injured towards the end of the show after hypnotist Doug Thompson, took Bendorf on stage. Thompson hypnotized Bendorf and other members of the audience for a few minutes.

Thompson snapped them out of their daze, but Bendorf failed to get back to himself. Thompson then ordered them to go back to their seats.

Bendorf, who was still in a daze, saw his seat and walked off the stage, causing him to break his leg. He was taken to a hospital, and his injury required surgery.

Bendorf claims that he still feels the effects of the fall as his leg still hurts.

Pharmacy driver steals thousands of sex enhancement pills

Viagra pills (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A driver who was making deliveries to a pharmacy, was arrested on a charge of theft after stealing thousands of sex enhancement pills among other items, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Now, the 29-year-old driver identified as S. C. of Dubai, has pleaded guilty to theft before judge Mohammad Jamal.

The defendant asked the judge for leniency in exchange for his guilty plea. According to the police investigation, the driver stole $7,350 worth of sex enhancement pills while making a delivery.

He was also accused of stealing medicine and toothpaste. The pharmacist told investigators that he discovered the theft ten days after placing an order for the sex enhancement pills.

A customer entered the pharmacy and wanted to buy a package of sex enhancement pills. He went to the back and looked for the pills.

That is when he realized that the drawer was empty.

The pharmacist, who was not identified, checked his surveillance cameras and noticed the defendant walking out of his store with a garbage bag.

He confronted the suspect, and he admitted to taking the pills.

Bride left embarrassed after groom’s wife walked into wedding hall announcing he is still married and has kids

Wedding ceremony illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A bride was left red-faced after another woman announced that the groom was still married to her and they are still living together.

42-year-old Ndodana Chifamba of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, lived a double life. He decided to marry his lover while he was still married to and living with his wife and children.

His wife, 46-year-old Josephine Mhlanga, said that she did not know about the other woman until the day her husband of 20 years was supposed to get married to his lover identified as Phindile.

Mhlanga learned about the wedding hours before the ceremony was supposed to take place. One of the groom's family members decided to break the silence despite the fact that he asked them to keep it a secret from his wife.

Mhlanga decided to attend the wedding, and when the pastor asked if anyone objected the marriage of Chifamba and Phindile, she got up and announced that she was married to the groom.

The bride and groom were left embarrassed until the pastor called on the families to discuss the issues behind closed doors.

Chifamba still lived with his wife and two children at the time. He often stayed out for days at a time, saying that he was working in South Africa.

Mhlanga said that although his marriage was not rosy, she remained hopeful that Chifamba would change.

Chifamba and Phindile decided to turn the wedding celebration into an ordinary party after the pastor told them that he could not sign the marriage certificate.

Man with rare skin condition known as Elephant man being worshiped as god

Kanai Das 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man is being worshiped as god for having severe facial deformities.

42-year-old Kanai Das, suffers from a rare disease that has left him with characteristics similar to elephants and was therefore, dubbed the elephant man.

Das, who lives in Baruipur, India, is considered by some to be the god in mortal form.

Das is unable to work due to his deformities and is forced to beg people on the streets for change in order to survive.

When people see Das, they tell him that they believe he is the reincarnation of the Hindu god Ganesh.

However, despite being worshiped by many people, Das wants medical help to change his disfigurements as it is very hard for him to do simple things such as eating or talking.

Das is desperately seeking a doctor who can help him despite his lack of funds. Das suffers from a rare condition called neurofibromatosis, which caused his right side of his face to sag past his chest.

His condition is so severe that he lost his right eye sight as the sagging flesh spilled over his eye.

Fisherman comes up with makeshift toilet for female passengers

Darren Grose on the toilet he invented 
By: Feng Qian

When nature calls, people cannot always wait for a boat to get back to shore before having to use the restroom.

A fisherman of Australia, believes that he has “changed the landscape of Darwin Harbour,” with his new and more comfortable toilet for women.

While some people are content with using the edge of the boat to relieve themselves overboard, Darren Grose of Humpty Doo, was determined to make life easier for female passengers aboard his boat.

Grose said he and his colleagues usually use a bucket to relieve themselves. He felt that there has to be a more comfortable way for women to use the restroom.

He set out to create something easy to carry, but comfortable enough for women to sit on. He came up with The Bog Master 1000.

Grose said that he went into the shed and got a pool noodle. He cut it open and placed it on the bucket. He then placed a roll of tissues on the handle of the bucket, creating a simple bathroom for women.

Grose said that his female passengers loved his invention and “they actually used it,” he said.

“They sat in the back of the boat and used it while the boys were in the front, faced away and sang the national anthem,” he said.

Man continues eating his meal at McDonald’s despite being shot by another customer

Devin Gibbs 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man shot at a McDonald’s customer after informing him that his meal was ready.

Police in Florida, have arrested the man after he pulled a gun on another customer in an argument about whether the suspect’s order was ready.

23-year-old Devin Gibbs was arrested after he pulled the gun and shot 65-year-old Leda Phillip in Miami-Dade. Witness said that Phillip told Gibbs that his order was ready, which caused the two men to get into a verbal altercation.

The incident took place at the McDonald's just after 12:30 p.m., near Northwest 20th Avenue and 80th Street.

When the argument escalated, Gibbs pulled the gun and screamed “I'll kill you right now.” He then shot the 65-year-old man.

Phillip suffered a gunshot wound to the arm, but he continued eating his meal while waiting for emergency workers to arrive.

Gibbs was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and shooting into a building.

Football player caught on video picking his nose and wiping it into boy’s hair

Per Mertesacker touching the boy’s hair 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Football fans were disgusted by the alleged actions of their hero.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube, showed Arsenal Football Club defender Per Mertesacker of Germany, picking his nose before wiping it into a young boy’s hair.

The boy, who is the team's mascot, was minding his own business when Mertesacker walked up to him and stroked his hair.

The boy did not see what Mertesacker, 31, had done and he did not suspect that snot was placed in his hair.

He learned of the footballer’s actions after seeing the video footage that was taken during Arsenal's recent home game against Man City.

While it is clear that Mertesacker picked his nose before stroking the young boy’s hair, many people who watched the video, have speculated whether or not Mertesacker actually had a piece of snot in his hand.

Robber chops off store owner’s hand with machete after she refuses to hand over purse

Mrs. Luo being treated at the scene 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman was rushed to a hospital after her wrist was cut off by a thief.

The woman who was identified as Mrs. Luo of Taitung, Taiwan, is the owner of a karaoke bar.

One night, while she was alone at the bar, a man wearing dark clothing entered the store.

He brandished a machete and demanded that Luo hand over all her money. Mrs. Luo grabbed her purse, and attempted to flee the armed robber.

The woman said that she had $600 in her purse, and she was not going to allow the suspect to take it from her.

However, the armed man grabbed her by the hair, and stabbed her in the back of the head and shoulders 4 times. When she still refused to hand over the money, the suspect viciously hacked her left arm until her wrist came off.

The suspect grabbed the purse and escaped on a motorcycle. Neighbors who heard Luo’s cries for help, came to her rescue.

Police and emergency crews arrived and Luo was rushed to a hospital.

Police are looking for the suspect. Polices said that the suspect was likely someone who frequents the karaoke bar, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Man forces 13-year-old girl to touch his private parts during concert

Concert illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A man was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after forcing a girl to touch his private parts during a concert, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Now, the 22-year-old defendant identified as M. O., was sentenced to serve three months in jail after being found guilty of sexual assault and consuming alcohol without a license.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded when a 13-year-old girl and her family went to a concert together in Dubai.

At some point, the girl asked her father for his mobile phone in order to take some pictures of the band members. After getting lost in the big crowd for a few minutes, the father noticed that his daughter was crying.

When he asked her what happened she didn't answer.

However, when her mother questioned her, the girl revealed that the defendant pushed himself onto her and forced her to touch his private parts.

The father and his daughter went to look for the man, and when they found him, he was detained until the police arrived to arrest him.

Police officer drives patrol car into a ditch after being attacked by owl in middle of the night

Owl inside police cruiser 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was checked out by medical personnel before returning to work after driving his patrol into a ditch, causing him to suffer scratches, police in Louisiana said.

Covington police said that on Thursday around 1:30 a.m., Officer Lance Benjamin drove in his cruiser with the windows rolled down before an owl flew into the vehicle.

The bird began to attack Benjamin with its wings and claws.

The officer briefly lost control of his vehicle and drove into a ditch. The entire incident was captured on video. When Benjamin opened the door of the patrol car, the owl escaped.

Benjamin suffered scratches and was checked out by medical personnel. He was able to return to work and finish his shift.

When the police chief heard about the incident, he first thought it was a joke until he saw the video.

Man kills his 89-year-old mother because he found bedbugs on his mattress

Michael Gallagher 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing his elderly mother because he found bedbugs in their apartment, police in Minnesota said.

Minneapolis police said that they have arrested 62-year-old Michael Gallagher, after being accused of killing 89-year-old Patricia Gallagher.

Michael Gallagher was charged with one count of second-degree murder. He was booked into the Hennepin County Jail , and he is being held without bail.

According to the police investigation, Michael Gallagher was helping his mother clean their apartment when he found bedbugs.

He tried to get rid of them, but failed. Michael Gallagher believed that the lease on their apartment would not be renewed because of the bedbug problem.

He flew into a rage and hit his mother in the head with a sculpture. He then suffocated her with a pillow, strangled her with a garbage bag.

He then called the police to confess to the murder.

Woman’s dog dies after protecting her from former boyfriend who tried to stab her with knife

Walter Williams 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A woman is mourning the death of her loyal dog that died while protecting her from a former boyfriend, police in Florida said.

Fort Myers police said that 42-year-old Lisa Potts, got into a fight with her former boyfriend, Walter Williams, after finding him asleep in her house around 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

According to the police investigation, Potts came home from the hospital and found Williams sleeping. After Potts turned on the TV, he became upset, took a crowbar and smashed the television set.

He then grabbed a knife and approached Potts. That is when the dog identified as 6-year-old Lucy, jumped into action. Lucy charged at Williams who stabbed it with the knife.

Lucy was taken to an animal hospital, where it died of the stab wound. Police officers who arrived at the scene, arrested Williams on a charge of battery.

Man accidentally kills himself while showing relative how to properly clean a gun

Josmel Herrera 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man who showed his relative how to properly clean a gun, died after accidentally shooting himself in the chest, police in Florida said.

The Miami-Dade Police Department said that 43-year-old Josmel Herrera, died of a single gunshot wound to the chest while he was video chatting with his relative.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Tuesday around 7:30 p.m., in Herrera’s home. Neighbors called the police to say that they heard a gun going off in the victim’s apartment.

Paramedics and police who arrived at the home located in the 10600 block of Southwest 27th Street, took the victim to the Kendall Regional Trauma Center, where he died.

No charges have been filed. Herrera left behind his wife and 15-year-old daughter.

Elderly woman uses hammer to bash roommate’s head because she backed out of suicide pact

Fiona Gordon-Macleod 
By: Feng Qian

An elderly woman was arrested on charge of attempted murder after allegedly using a hammer to bash the head of her roommate because she backed out of a suicide pact at the last moment, police in Vermont said.

Putney police said that they have arrested 69-year-old Fiona Gordon-Macleod, after being accused of trying to kill her 76-year-old roommate, who was not identified, with a hammer.

Gordon-Macleod was charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of aggravated domestic assault. She was booked into the Southern State Correctional Facility, and her bail was set at $50,000.

If convicted, Gordon-Macleod faces up to life in prison.

According to the police investigation, Gordon-Macleod and the victim agreed to kill themselves together as their health began to deteriorate.

Definite plans were never made, and Gordon-Macleod became annoyed with the victim after she said she did not want to kill herself.

Gordon-Macleod grabbed a hammer and repeatedly hit her roommate in the head and upper body in their home located at 167 Westminster Road.

Gordon-Macleod then called the police to report that she killed someone.

Man hangs his dog and puts it on display in front of shoppers

Everald James 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of violating the Animal Welfare Act 2006 after hanging his dog and putting on display in front of shoppers, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 48-year-old Everald James of Mottingham, has been found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after shoppers called the police when they discovered the dog hanging by rope from a railing.

According to the police investigation, officers were called around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, to report that a man had just killed his dog at the Beaconsfield Parade on Beaconsfield Road.

Officers who responded to the scene, found the body of the dead dog, which had been tied to railings outside the defendant's apartment with a rope around its neck.

James was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and taken to the police station, where he was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

He was brought before the Bexleyheath Magistrates’ Court, where he was found guilty of the charge. He will be sentenced on a later date.

Police officer accused of raping 7 women

Police officer (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A police officer was arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly raping numerous women over a period of nine months, police in the United Kingdom said.

Uxbridge police said that they have arrested 47-year-old Michael Graham, after being accused of sexually assaulting at least seven women.

Graham was charged with seven counts of rape and one count of assault. Graham was arrested at his home, and he was not on duty at the time.

The officer has been suspended. The offenses are alleged to have taken place over a period of nine months. Officers from the Sexual Offences Exploitation & Child Abuse are also investigating Graham.

Last year, a police officer in Texas, was arrested for raping a woman while he was dressed in his uniform.

Dallas police officer David Kattner, 44, who has worked for the department for 26 years, was arrested and charged with felony sexual assault.

An officer on patrol spotted the woman, who is a known prostitute, engage in suspicious behavior with Officer Kattner.

The prostitute was questioned, and she told police that Officer Kattner ordered her to meet him at this location to talk about outstanding warrants.

After the two met, the officer allegedly forced the woman to perform sex acts on him. The woman told police that Kattner threatened harm to her daughter if she did not comply with his demands.

The officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. Police are looking into whether there are more victims.

Father accidentally shoots daughter in face after bullet went through her bedroom wall

Kaitlyn Pullman 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A father is brokenhearted over the loss of his daughter after he accidentally shot her in the face.

17-year-old Kaitlyn Pullman of Missouri, was hospitalized after being hit by a bullet. Two days later, her family made the heartbreaking decision to turn off her life support machine.

Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs said that the father did not realize that the gun was loaded when he handled it.

After the shooting, the teenager was found in her bedroom unresponsive and she had a single gunshot wound to the face.

Paramedics rushed Pullman to the hospital, where she remained in a coma until her family made the decision to remove her from life support.

Pastor David Stewart said that the Pullman family was deeply touched by the outpouring of support from so many people.

“The family just greatly appreciates everything that people have done. They have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity,” the pastor said.

Pastor Stewart described Kaitlyn as a smart girl who had dreams of working in forensics. The family plans to donate Kaitlyn’s organs.

Man kidnaps nurse from hospital and kills her because he did not like the way she treated his sick son

Li Haiyan with the suspect 
By: Feng Qian

A woman is dead after a man came into her place of business and kidnapped her.

Police in China, said that the man walked into a hospital and kidnapped Li Haiyan.

The incident began when the 38-year-old father rushed into the emergency room of the Southwest hospital in Guangdong, and asked for Haiyan.

When he located the woman, he placed a knife at her throat. He then made his way out of the building with her as a hostage.

A security guard locked the door to prevent his escape, but when the kidnapper became increasingly agitated and began to cut Haiyan’s neck, the gate was opened and he was allowed to leave with the woman in tow.

The kidnapper drove Haiyan away from the scene in an SUV. Several people who witnessed the incident, immediately got into their cars and followed the suspect. Five police cars were quickly sent to pursue the criminal.

The kidnapper was finally stopped in Tangzhui, and taken into custody. Haiyan was rushed to a hospital, where she later died of her injuries.

Haiyan's brother said that the suspect brought his son to the hospital, where his sister worked, and Haiyan helped care for the boy.

Witnesses reported that when the suspect took Haiyan hostage, he screamed “You have given my son a poisonous shot.”

Long Deyun, president of the Southwest hospital, said that he could find no record showing that the kidnapper or his family had visited the hospital. Long denied the claim of the victim’s brother that a medical dispute was the cause of the incident.

Police are conducting their own investigation into the incident.