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‘Armless’ man exposed after removing his arm from under shirt during ride home in train

By Mason White 12:40 PM January 1, 2016
The ‘armless’ beggar 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man who pretended to be disabled while begging for money, was busted.

Many people of China, helped the man as he appeared to be armless.

However, his actions were exposed when he was riding on a train after begging on the streets.

The “armless” man was seen sitting on the floor of the train in Beijing, before untying an elaborately knotted disguise, which made him appear armless.

The man was dressed in a brown t-shirt and black pants. He was seen slowly freeing his arms from where they were hidden beneath his shirt.

The sleeves were tied at the elbow, which made it appear as though the man had no hands.

Someone recorded a video of the beggar as he pushed out the sleeves of his shirt and then placed his hands out from underneath to untie the knots of the sleeves, revealing that he has both of his arms.

The video was uploaded to the Internet, where people criticized the beggar for taking advantage of kindhearted people who want to help the less fortunate.