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Man who exposed himself while running around without pants shows up in court without pants

By Mason White 11:32 AM January 3, 2016
Feet (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A man who was arrested after exposing himself in front of children while not wearing pants, showed up in court without pants.

A hearing that was scheduled for Monday in Massachusetts, was canceled after the suspect attended court without pants.

Attorney Anna Levine told judge John Payne, that her client, Dermot E. Weaver Jr., 31, was sitting in jail and was not brought before the judge because of his wardrobe malfunction.

Weaver of Springfield, was supposed to be arraigned for five counts of open and gross lewdness after allegedly exposing himself on the street.

Police were called around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday by a father, who said that Weaver was not wearing pants and was exposing himself to his family.

The man shouted at Weaver to put on his pants as he tried to block his two daughters from seeing the suspect, who was jumping in front of them.

Weaver allegedly tried to run away when the police arrived, but he was stopped. At the time, he is wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, no shoes and no pants.

The judge ordered a mental health evaluation as was requested by the defense attorney.

According to the arrest report, Weaver is a married man who is unemployed. He is six feet, two inches tall, and weighs 210 pounds.