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Pastor dismembers wife and stepdaughter after accusing them of being prostitutes

By Mason White 1:32 PM January 3, 2016
Pastor (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
Police in Zimbabwe, were called after a pastor confessed to killing his wife and her daughter at his workplace.

When police officers arrived at the Sirmic Enterprises, they found the bodies of the two women along with the body of the pastor, who committed suicide.

Lazarus Dube, 44, of Kwekwe, brutally killed his wife Lucy, and stepdaughter Mary, 18, and dismembered their bodies before killing himself behind the building where he works.

Police were called by Nickels Sibanda, who is the uncle of Dube, on Monday around 9:00 a.m. He asked police to go to his nephew’s place of business for a welfare check.

Sibanda told police that his nephew, who is a pastor, called to inform him that he killed his wife and stepdaughter because they were sleeping with many men for money and they refused to repent over their actions.

“My nephew called and told me that he had killed them because they were involved with many men. He said that he had asked them to repent, but they had refused to listen to him and continued being promiscuous,” Sibanda said.

Dube also informed his uncle that he plans to commit suicide. His uncle, who lives in Insiza, called police in Kwekwe.

Sirmic Enterprises manager Edmore Gomera, said that Dube was the caretaker and he was living in the staff quarters.

“It’s unfortunate that he killed his stepdaughter and wife at our premises. He then hanged himself near our building,” Gomera said.