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2-year-old girl dies after swallowing small button battery

By Mason White 6:54 PM January 4, 2016
Brianna Florer 

By: Chan Yuan
A little girl of Oklahoma, died after swallowing a small button battery that came with a toy.

2-year-old Brianna Florer of Tulsa, died after the acid of the button battery eroded an artery, causing her severe bleeding.

According to the police investigation, Brianna and her siblings were occupied the past few days with opening presents and playing with new toys.

However, she suddenly got a low grade fever, and then started vomiting large amounts of blood.

Her parents, Brian and Stephanie Florer, called an ambulance, and the girl was taken to the Grove Hospital, but was later transferred to the St. Francis Hospital.

She underwent emergency surgery for 2 hours, but doctors could not stop the bleeding. An x-ray confirmed that she died from swallowing a button battery.

Doctors believe that the battery may have been consumed within six days before her death. The battery somehow got stuck in her intestine and it leaked alkaline.