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Babysitter kicks 2-year-old girl and slaps 8-month-old boy because they didn’t want to eat

By Mason White 7:04 PM January 4, 2016
Stop child abuse (Illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A babysitter was arrested on a charge of assault after kicking and slapping her employer’s children because they didn’t want to eat their food, police in Singapore said.

Now, 28-year-old Khaerun Nisa Selfitriya of Woodlands, has been sentenced to serve four months in jail after being convicted of assault.

According to the police investigation, the 28-year-old father of the children became concerned after noticing bruises on his 1-year-old daughter.

He decided to install a hidden camera in his home, and streamed the footage on his mobile phone.

One day, the father, who was not identified, noticed that Selfitriya, was feeding the children when the girl refused to eat her food.

As she was yelling at the girl to eat her food, the man’s 8-month-old son began to vomit and cry. Selfitriya then kicked the girl on the left thigh, causing her to fall and hit her head.

The babysitter then slapped the boy in his face. Both incidents were caught on video, and the father handed over the footage to the police.

During questioning, the babysitter told the police that she became angry and depressed because she missed her own three children.