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Chinese restaurant uses deer heads and brains for soups

By Mason White 4:59 AM January 5, 2016
Deer (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A Chinese restaurant in Pennsylvania, was slapped with numerous violations after inspectors found deer heads and brains on the premises.

Despite the numerous violations, the New China House in Lititz, remains open for business and some customers seem to be very happy.

“Inspectors confiscated several items from a walk-in cooler and freezer after the operator was unable to provide documentation that the game animal meats being used in the facility were from an approved source,” the inspector wrote in his report.

“Among the items were deer brains, deer heads, skinned and whole tails, legs, muscle meat, spines, necks and other unidentifiable parts both raw and cooked,” the inspector wrote.

“In total, inspectors removed food in 4 trash bags, 2 boxes, 3 plastic tubs, one 5 gallon bucket and 9 trash bags of prepared foods. In addition, sampling of prepared food found in the freezers were taken to be tested for species identification,” the inspector concluded.

The owner of the restaurant who identified himself as Chun, denied the allegations, saying that the unapproved animal parts were for soup for him and his wife, and were not meant for customers.

Inspectors said that the person in charge of the facility does not have adequate knowledge of food safety and the interior of kitchen was extremely dirty.

Inspectors said that they acted on a tip.