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Female mayor killed just 24 hours after being sworn into office

By Mason White 3:34 AM January 5, 2016
Gisela Mota Ocampo 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police arrested several members of a criminal gang after the murder of a newly elected female mayor in Mexico, police said.

Temixco police said that 33-year-old Gisela Mota Ocampo, was killed on Saturday morning, after vowing to crack down on criminal gangs.

Mota was murdered at her home in Pueblo Viejo. According to the police investigation, several armed men entered Ocampo’s home and opened fire.

They managed to kill the mayor and two others. After the attackers fled from the home, the mayor’s security guards ran after them.

They managed to kill two of the attackers while two others and a child were arrested.

Ocampo was sworn in as mayor on Friday.