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Wife finds woman’s wedding ring in her husband’s pants

By Mason White 4:16 PM January 4, 2016
Jean Remini with the pants and ring 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman in New York, announced that she is looking for the owner of a wedding ring that her husband found the pocket of his new pants.

Jean Remini of Staten Island, said that the incident unfolded after she bought the pants at Neiman Marcus.

She gave the pants to her husband, and when he tried it on for the first time, he found the ring in a pocket. Remini wants to return the ring to the owner.

Remini reveals that she lost her own engagement ring two years ago, and she never found it. The pants originated from the Neiman Marcus store located in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.

The retailer believes that the ring fell into the pants when someone tried it on in the store.