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Woman finds pubic hair in cheesecake bought at Lidl supermarket

By Mason White 11:00 AM January 4, 2016
Sarah McKenzie with the contaminated cheesecake 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was horrified to find a pubic hair on top of a cheesecake, which she bought at the Lidl supermarket in England.

35-year-old Sarah McKenzie of Newcastle, said that she was preparing dessert for her family and friends when she made the shocking discovery.

“When I saw it, it was obvious it was a pubic hair. It was thick, black and wiry,” McKenzie said. She also believes that the hair was placed on the cake deliberately.

McKenzie said that the hair must have been placed on top of the cake by a disgruntled employee as it could not have fallen on top of the cake by accident.

McKenzie bought the Deluxe New York Cheesecake, which was on sale for £2.09 ($3.08) from the Lidl supermarket on Stamfordham Road.