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Angry wife hangs posters of husband’s lover calling her a home breaker

By Mason White 2:52 PM January 6, 2016
The poster shaming Hellen Aturinda 

By: Chan Yuan
An angry wife in Uganda, who caught her husband cheating with another woman, decided to take revenge and let her neighbors know to watch out for the home wrecker.

The angry wife of Kampala, who was not identified, printed posters with the photo and name of her husband’s lover, and posted them on street poles.

On the poster, the wife identified the home breaker as Hellen Aturinda, and she is asking the woman to leave her husband alone.

The wife said that she has tried countless times to stop the affair, but since she failed, she decided to hang the posters and shame Aturinda.

Aturinda called the police after seeing her face plastered around the neighborhood. So far, no arrests have been made.

Aturinda was a student of the Kampala International University.