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Man drowns himself in lake using block of concrete with wife’s head in murder suicide

By Mason White 10:09 AM January 6, 2016
River (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Police in Austria, announced that they found the head of a woman encased in a block of concrete in a lake.

Police said that the man strangled and dismembered his wife, and encased her head in concrete, which he then used as a weight to drown himself in the lake.

Police identified the couple as a 72-year-old man and his 71-year-old wife from Frankfurt, Germany.

The woman’s head was found in a concrete block that was attached to one of the man’s hands, and the other hand was also held down by weights.

The bodies were recovered by police divers in the Traunsee lake in Salzkammergut on Monday. Police began their investigation after they found two suitcases, containing remains of the woman, floating near the shore of the lake.

The man’s body was found in about 15 feet in the water. He had the woman’s head weighing down on one side and
a bag of granite stones and tools attached to his other hand, according to police.

Postmortem examinations suggested that the woman was strangled and that the man drowned a little later. There was no evidence of the involvement of a third party, police said.

Prosecutor Birgit Ahamer said that the deaths seem to be a murder suicide.