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Surrogate mother sues to stop biological father’s demand to abort one triplet

By Mason White 10:02 AM January 6, 2016
Melissa Cook 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman who is pro-life, became devastated when the father of her unborn babies demanded that she have an abortion.

The surrogate mother who is currently pregnant with triplets, filed a lawsuit in an attempt to gain custody of the children, who she agreed to carry for a man in Georgia.

47-year-old Melissa Cook, who is a mother of four children in Woodland Hills, California, entered into a contract with a 50-year-old postal worker in which she was to carry his child to term, give birth and then give up her parental rights.

She was to receive $33,000 and $6,000 for an additional child.

Cook was implanted with three embryos, containing the sperm of the father, who was only identified as C.M. in the lawsuit, and eggs from a 20-year-old donor.

However, things took a turn as Cook learned that she was pregnant with triplets and the father became concerned with the prospect of having to raise three children at a time. He asked her to abort one of the embryos.

The children’s biological father threatened to withhold the $33,000 from Cook if she did not have an abortion.

Cook refused, and now she is suing C.M. on the basis that California’s surrogacy laws are unconstitutional, and violating due-process and equal protection rights.

She is also seeking to be declared the legal mother of the children so that she can get custody of them when they are born, according to the lawsuit filed on Monday in the Los Angeles Superior Court.