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Anti-rape activist gets raped while taking shower with a stranger

By Mason White 4:12 PM January 7, 2016
Amber Amour in shower after being raped 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman spoke on social media about her horrific ordeal after she was raped while taking a shower with a strange man.

27-year-old Amber Amour of New York, was in Cape Town, South Africa, to promote her “Stop Rape. Educate” campaign when she was raped by a stranger.

Amour said that she had been sick for two days, and when she was finally able to go out, she went to visit a friend at another hostel.

Once there, a man named Shakir, who was drunk, made advances towards her. She said that she kissed him once, but she declined to take things further.

However, when Shakir invited her to take a shower with him in his room, she agreed, saying that the shower in her room at the hostel did not have hot water.

When she entered the bathroom, Amour said that Shakir raped her. She immediately spoke about the rape on Instagram, where she posted photos of herself crying in the shower.

She also wrote a post about the way she was raped by Shakir. She then posted a photo of the rape kit while she was in the hospital exam room.

Many people blamed Amour for the rape, saying that she put herself in a dangerous situation.

In response, she wrote: “For those who wish to blame me or any other survivor out there, I want you to know that you are the very reason that I am brutally honest.

“I could have hidden details. I could have kept information to myself, but no. No matter what a person does, it is not an invitation for rape.

“It does not matter if I kissed him. It does not matter if he was drunk. It does not matter if I said yes to a shower, I never said that he could get violent with me. I never said he could make me bleed. I never said he could rape me,” she wrote on Instagram, where she goes by the name Amber the activist.