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Father and son dress as elderly women before robbing store at gunpoint

By Mason White 6:08 PM January 7, 2016
Martin Pick 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A father and son were jailed after they pretended to be women while robbing a store.

The father and his teenage son were both dressed as elderly women to rob a convenience store in Leeds, England.

Surveillance video of the incident shows 17-year-old Declan Pick wheeling his father Martin, 38, into the store in a wheelchair. The father wore a wig, hat and a woman’s coat. He was also clutching a handbag.

The “elderly woman” was covered with a blanket. Seconds after entering the store, Martin jumped from the wheelchair, whipping out a gun that was hidden in his lap under the blanket.

Martin’s brother, Mark Pick, 42, waited outside as the getaway driver. When the men got outside, witnesses were able to detain Martin.

His son, who was already in the stolen getaway car, came out of the car to help his father escape. During the struggle, the father and son lost their wigs.

The son then fired shots in the air, sending people running from the scene. The father and son managed to get away. However forensic work on both wigs found enough DNA evidence to link the father and son to the crime.

Mark’s DNA was found on a pair of sunglasses that was recovered from the bag containing the stolen money. The unlucky thieves left money at the scene.

A Leeds County Court on Wednesday, sentenced Martin to 18 years in prison. Martin’s brother Mark, who drove the getaway car, was sentenced to 16 years in prison. The son will be sentenced at a later date.