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British police officer’s baby taken from her in the United States after leaving him in hotel room alone

By Mason White 10:17 AM January 8, 2016
Louise Fielden (left) Foster mother Susan Sena 

By: Feng Qian
A British police officer was devastated after her son was taken from her and placed with a stange family.

Louise Fielden, who works as a police officer in London, was arrested after her 8-month-old son was found sleeping in a crib in her hotel room alone.

The child was placed in foster care in New York, while his mother was in police custody. She was facing charges of resisting arrest and child neglect.

The criminal charge of resisting arrest against the 42-year-old single mother was eventually dismissed, but she is still fighting the child neglect charge after leaving her son in her room at the Chelsea Highline Hotel in Manhattan.

Fielden said that she went downstairs to get hot water for her son’s bottle and she ate breakfast before returning to her sleeping baby.

“In my culture and society in London, this behavior of leaving a child for a short period of time is normal and acceptable,” Fielden said in a legal statement.

Fielden returned to London a day after the charge against were dismissed. However, her baby was not returned to her.

She has now launched a legal battle in Brooklyn Federal Court for the return of her now 15-month-old son Samuel.

Her lawyer, Andrew Spinnell, argues that the baby is being held “hostage and kidnapped in a foreign country.”

Fielden said that her son has been in the care of Susan Sena, who is a gay rights activist, for the past eight months. She claims that the foster mother’s values are directly opposed to her own “conservative upbringing in the Church of England.”

Fielden wants the baby to be transferred to her relative in the United Kingdom, until her child neglect case is resolved. Officials in of the United Kingdom are now involved in the case in an attempt to resolve the matter.