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Man dies and four others suffer injuries after using bad batch of illegal drugs at nightclub

By Mason White 2:01 PM January 8, 2016
Dylan Booth 

By: Chan Yuan
Police launched an investigation after a man died and four others suffered injuries from a bad batch of drugs that were used at a nightclub, police in the United Kingdom said.

Birmingham police said that the man who is believed to have taken a contaminated drug at the nightclub has died in a hospital.

18-year-old Dylan Booth of the Chelmsley Wood area, was taken to the hospital after taking what police believe was a bad batch of a suspected class A drug.

Four other people have also been admitted to the hospital, but they have all now been released and are recovering at home.

Detectives believe that the drugs were in the form of tablets and was being distributed inside the Rainbow Club in Digbeth.

Officers are continuing to appeal for information about the drugs and want to speak to two men and a woman who may have been distributing them.

One of the men and the woman were mixed race and the other man was white and wearing a fluorescent jacket and white shirt.

Any drug user is urged to exercise extreme caution and call for help at the first sign of becoming unwell. Anyone who was at the club and has any information that could help police should call Crimestoppers, police said.