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Man shoplifts adult toys moments after proposing to girlfriend on Walmart loudspeaker

By Mason White 10:08 AM January 8, 2016
William Cornelius and Sheri Moore 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A couple was arrested a short time after they got engaged at Walmart.

25-year-old William Cornelius and Sheri Moore, 20, were arrested after allegedly going on a crime spree minutes after being engaged.

Cornelius popped the question to his girlfriend over the loudspeaker system at Walmart in Michigan.

People at the superstore in Bay City, cheered and applauded while Cornelius got down on his knee to propose with a ring he bought for $29.62.

The young lovers were accused of celebrating their engagement by shoplifting jewelry and adult toys.

According to the police, the couple took some jewelry, including a necklace. They then went to the nearby Spencer’s gift shop, where they are accused of shoplifting adult toys and an edible thong.

The couple was arrested at the mall, where Cornelius was found asleep on a food court table. Police recovered $80 worth of stolen items.

Cornelius blamed his actions on the pain reliever Tramadol, which he took earlier that day. Cornelius was arrested on a charge of fraud and Moore was charged with larceny.