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Newborn baby found abandoned in pile of feces

By Mason White 10:21 AM January 8, 2016
The primitive toilet 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police were called after a baby was spotted in feces in the bottom of a primitive toilet.

This shocking video shows a newborn baby, who is believed to be just a few minutes old, lying in the bottom of the pit covered in feces.

The video was taken in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Police believe that the mother was squatting on the makeshift toilet and gave birth to the child before cutting the umbilical cord. The baby was left to die in the human waste.

The newborn baby was heard crying by travelers who had stopped for a bathroom break in the public service station next to a highway.

They heard the baby crying and they took video. When they leaned over the hole, they made the grim discovery.

The baby was rescued, and taken to a hospital for treatment and observation. A hospital spokesperson said the “baby’s condition is good and stable.”

Police are now looking for the child’s mother, who may also be in need of medical care after leaving her child to die.