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Son uses Ebay to trick sick mother to take his kidney

By Mason White 10:15 AM January 8, 2016
Imran Najeeb and Zainab Begum 

By: Chan Yuan
A loving and devoted man of the United Kingdom, couldn’t watch his mother suffer from kidney failure so he decided to help.

However, his mother did not want to take her son’s kidney because she was afraid that he might need it in the future.

After learning that he was a match for his mother, 34-year-old Imran Najeeb of Blackburn, Lancashire, asked doctors if he can donate his kidney anonymously to his mother.

He was informed that it was not possible. Najeeb, who is the oldest of 6 siblings, felt that it was his duty to save his mother.

Zainab Begum, who goes on dialysis three times a week, missed spending time with her children and 13 grandchildren, but she refused to take a kidney from any of them.

One day, Najeeb heard that his mother was talking to a relative overseas. They spoke about the possibility of buying a kidney and having the transplant abroad.

That is when he sprang into action. He took advantage of the fact that his mother does not speak English well, and showed her a picture of a kidney, which he took from Google, and said it was his.

He said: “Look, Mom, I am selling my kidney on Ebay and someone will pay me £10,000 ($14,600) for it.”

His tactic worked, and the mother, Begum, 52, said: “Why sell your kidney to a stranger when you can give it to me.” He immediately agreed and the two underwent operations and they are now recovering.