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ISIS fighter kills his own mother in public ceremony

By Mason White 1:04 PM January 10, 2016
Ali Saqr al-Qasem 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother of Syria, was killed by her son as she wanted to protect him.

The Islamic State fighter executed his own mother in public because she had encouraged him to leave the group.

20-year-old Ali Saqr al-Qasem of Raqqa, shot his mother in the head with an assault rifle in front of a large crowd.

Al-Qasem killed his mother, Lena, 45, in front of a post office, where she worked, according to the activist group “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.”

Lena was ordered to be killed for the “crime” of apostasy, which is the abandonment of Islam by a Muslim.

Al-Qasem informed his peers that his mother is encouraging him to leave town with her. Lena had warned his son that a U.S.-backed alliance would end ISIS, and begged her son to leave so that he is not killed.

She was detained after her son informed the group of her comments, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The son was given the “honor” of killing his mother while hundreds of people witnessed the act.