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Man files lawsuit against city because ambulance rear-ended his vehicle while rushing to emergency

By Mason White 4:30 AM January 11, 2016
Ambulance (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
The city of Geneva in Illinois, was slapped with a lawsuit after an ambulance driver slammed into a vehicle while responding to an emergency, according to court documents.

Now, Kane County Judge Edward Schreiber dismissed the lawsuit brought by Alfredo Garcia, saying that the city and the ambulance driver are protected from liability while responding to emergency situations.

According to the lawsuit, Garcia claimed that while traveling on Kirk Road, he was rear-ended by the ambulance driven by Glenn Baum.

Baum argued that the road was covered with black ice when the accident happened. Garcia demanded $50,000 in damages because the crash caused him to miss a month of work.

According to state law, drivers cannot be sued for negligent operation of a motor vehicle while responding to an emergency call.