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McDonald’s manager calls police after worker calls girl fat for ordering 6 burgers and 4 fires

By Mason White 11:02 AM January 10, 2016
Sabrina with Corrina Hopkinson (left) and the family 

By: Chan Yuan
A teenage girl of the United Kingdom, was left humiliated after being called fat by a McDonald’s employee.

16-year-old Corrina Hopkinson said that a female McDonald’s employee called her fat after she placed her order.

Corrina was sent to McDonald’s by her mother Sabrina, 37, to buy food for the family, but she said that the workers laughed at her over the big order.

Corrina said that when she asked for her meal, the worker yelled into the kitchen: “Six cheeseburgers. I’m not joking this time. This fat woman wants six burgers.”

Corrina left in tears while other staff members laughed at her at the branch in Shoreham, East Sussex.

When she returned home, her furious mother, who was once a McDonald’s employee, marched back to the store to confront the worker.

She said that Corinna was with her 10-year-old brother Jack, when she was ordering the six cheeseburgers and four fries for them and for her sisters, Ashley-Jade, 14, and Jessica-Abbigale, 8.

“I do not think that six burgers for four people is over the top, but the woman behind the counter made fun of her as if she was going to eat them all,” the mother said.

Sabrina confronted the manager and demanded to speak to the employee who called her daughter “fat,” but her request was denied.

“My daughter gets embarrassed and upset, and doesn’t speak up for herself, so as part of being a protective mother, I went down there and let it rip,” Sabrina said.

Unsatisfied about the reaction, the mother went home. Later that day, the mother’s boyfriend went to McDonald’s to handle the situation.

That is when the manager called the police. Police reviewed the surveillance video and said that there was no “record of any form of abuse.”

A spokesperson for Sussex police confirmed that they had been called to the restaurant, but they said it was not a police matter and just a civil dispute that did not require police intervention.

McDonald’s has denied that the incident took place.