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Pranksters pose as police and pull couple out of car while having sex in back seat

By Mason White 6:47 PM January 10, 2016
The victim 

By: Chan Yuan
A couple of the United Kingdom, was left humiliated after being caught on camera having sex in a car.

Pranksters of Liverpool, England, decided to have fun with the couple and they pretended to be police officers.

The pranksters recorded the incident on video. The video shows them pulling up to the couple’s car and shining a flashlight into it.

One of the men identified himself as a police officer and demanded that the couple step out of the car. “Step out of the vehicle please,” the prankster was heard telling the couple.

The man in the car quickly moved to the driver’s seat to get dressed. He opened the window and told the “officers:” “I’m coming out,” as he rushed to get his pants on.

When the woman tried to step out of the vehicle, she was told to remain inside. “You stay in their love,” the “officer” said.

When the man finally stepped out of the vehicle, he was ordered to turn around and place his hands on his car. He was then told to lift his shirt up.

He was ordered to empty his pockets, turn around and lift his shirt again. He was then told to get back in the vehicle with a warning not to repeat the actions. “Get back in the vehicle. Let’s not have any more of that,” the victim was told.