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Woman lies on roof of car after catching husband with another woman

By Mason White 11:23 AM January 10, 2016
The woman on her husband’s car 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman held up traffic by jumping onto the roof of her husband’s car after seeing him with another woman.

A crowd gathered to witness the incident unfold as the scorned woman refused to allow her husband to drive off with the other woman in his car.

The woman of Medellin, Colombia, banged on the car window, demanding that her husband get out of his car.

However, he refused to comply. When the husband opened his car window to talk to his wife, she seized the opportunity to get to him.

The woman slipped into the driver seat and began removing her husband’s seat belt as witnesses cheered her on. She then opened the car door and continued to argue with her husband.

The video ended when the woman suddenly jumped onto her husband in an attempt to get to the other woman.