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British man who ordered Kindle from United States gets human tumor instead

By Mason White 10:52 AM January 11, 2016
The human tumor package  

By: Chan Yuan
A man of the United Kingdom, was shocked when he received human body parts instead of the kindle he ordered.

37-year-old James Potten, from Cotham, England, was waiting to receive a waterproof kindle that he ordered from a company in the United States.

However, when he opened the package he received from FedEx, he found a package that read “patient tumor specimen enclosed,”and it actually contained human tissue.

Potten said that the package was supposed to be delivered to the Royal Free Hospital in London. Potten contacted FedEx, and demanded that they pick up the package so that they can immediately deliver it to the hospital.

Potten, who works in environmental consulting, said: “There is a reason the package has been sent from the United States to London, and it could be wasting valuable time while it just stays here.”

Potten said that the last three digits of the FedEx package was the same as his package. When he contacted FedEx, a customer service representative insisted that Potten got the right package and they refused to pick it up.

Potten then reached out to the hospital. They got FedEx to correct the problem.

A spokesperson for the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust said: “It has been brought to our attention that a package intended for one of the institutions based at Royal Free Hospital, was delivered to an address in Bristol.

“We understand the parcel delivery company is in the process of redelivering the package to the correct address.

“If the Royal Free London was the intended recipient, we will await answers from the delivery company as to how this mistake was made.”

Potten ordered the Kindle from a U.S. company called Waterfi, which buys electronic devices and they apply waterproofing substances before selling them to customers.