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Navy chef records himself having sex with female colleague in warship shower

By Mason White 3:06 AM January 13, 2016
Scott Furber 

By: Wayne Morin
A female officer of the British Royal Navy, filed a complaint with the police after a chef recorded a consensual sexual encounter in a warship shower.

A court heard how 29-year-old Scott Furber, a chef on the Type 45 destroyer, recorded a sexual encounter aboard the ship without the permission of the woman.

Furber was charged with one count of voyeurism in connection with the incident. The woman told the court that she felt horrible and violated when she learned of the recording.

Furber is also being accused of violating the no touching rule in place on warships. The court heard that the couple had sex in the showers of HMS Diamond while it was docked in Cyprus.

The victim admitted that she spent time that day with the chef on a beach, where they got drunk. She said that she exchanged sexual text messages with the chef and agreed to have sex in the showers of the ship.

When she was informed that the encounter was recorded, she was totally shocked. The court heard that the chef placed his iPhone on a shelf in the shower before his colleague came in.

The sexual encounter lasted 10 minutes. At the time of the incident, Furber was engaged to get married with another woman.