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Teacher orders boys to remove their pants before flicking rubber bands on their private parts

By Mason White 3:47 PM January 12, 2016
Mother and son (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Police launched an investigation after a teacher allegedly flicked rubber bands on the private parts of two boys, police in Malaysia said.

Kuala Pilah police said that two concerned parents filed a claim against the teacher after he allegedly ordered the boys to remove their pants and assaulted their private parts.

Police chief Superintendent Luqman Abd Rahman said that the teacher is facing a charge of causing hurt. The two boys are 10 years old.

Maimunah Harun and Ramlan Razak said that they decided to file a complaint with the police after the principal failed to take any action against the teacher for two months.

According to the police investigation, the alleged incident took place after the teacher accused the students of removing bolts from his car, causing the tires to fall off.

He then forced them to take off their pants and proceeded to flicking rubber bands on their private parts. The teacher also allegedly beat the boys.