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Woman bites husband’s face after he tried kissing her to apologize for argument over Hilary Duff

By Mason White 9:44 AM January 12, 2016
Brandi Lester 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after biting her husband’s face while he tried to kiss her.

The woman of Kentucky, bit the face of her husband during an argument about whether actress Hilary Duff appeared in a commercial that they saw on television, police said.

26-year-old Brandi Lester of Elkhorn City, was arrested on charges of fourth-degree assault and domestic abuse, and was banned from having any contact with her husband Ethan.

Ethan Lester told officers that he tried to kiss his wife on the forehead to smooth things over after the argument, but she bit him on the face.

Ethan Lester told officers that he and his wife, who has three children, got into a fight after he thought Duff had appeared in a commercial they had seen on television, but his wife did not agree.

However, Ethan Lester is upset that his wife was taken to jail.
He said that his wife is not a violent person.

He said that she is under stress and she snapped during the argument. Ethan Lester said that he is unemployed and the family is going through hard times, which caused his wife to overreact.

He called police because he feared that his wife was going to hurt herself.