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Woman manages to sell bottle of muddy water on Ebay for $100,000

By Mason White 3:08 AM January 13, 2016
Bottle of muddy water for sale on ebay 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman in the United Kingdom, racked in nearly $100,000 by selling a bottle of muddy water on Ebay, capitalizing on the Drummond Puddle craze.

The woman of Newcastle, who named herself polkadotqueen07 on Ebay, took some muddy water of the famous Drummond Puddle, and listed it for sale on Ebay.

In the description, the woman wrote that the item up for sale is nearly a full 600 ml bottle of genuine Drummond Puddle Watch water from Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.

“Own your piece of the world’s most famous puddle,” she wrote. “You cannot drink this water, and it’s for decorative purposes only. It would look beautiful on your mantelpiece,” she added.

“Own a piece of history and raise some money for a very worthy U.K. cause,” the woman concluded. Surprisingly, the muddy water was bid up to 65,900 pounds ($95,000).

The puddle crazy began earlier this week, after a strong storm battered the country, causing a large puddle to form at the end of a bridge in Newcastle.

Images uploaded to the Internet, showed people trying to jump over the large pool of water, while others simply walked through it.

Two hashtags went viral, #DrummondPuddle and #DrummondPuddleWatch, as people watched a live video feed of the puddle.