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Popular women’s magazine to stop using bikini bodies on its covers

By Mason White 3:11 AM January 13, 2016
Cover of Women’s Health Magazine 

By: Tanya Malhotra
The editors of a popular women’s magazine announced that it will stop using bikini bodies on its covers because readers found them to be offensive.

Editor Amy Keller Laird of the Women’s Health Magazine, announced the decision this month, and it went into effect immediately.

Laird said that the words bikini body, shrink two sizes, sexy, and toned, will not longer be used on the covers since women found the terms offensive as it implies that only a certain body type can wear a bikini.

She also said that the term drop two sizes, encouraged unrealistic weight loss goals. Those who do want to see these terms being used, will have to flip through the magazine to the last page, the editor said.

Laird revealed that the goal of the magazine is to make its readers happy and not sadness by reminding them about weight loss.