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Youth jail counselor caught having sex with 16-year-old prison inmate

By Mason White 3:40 PM January 12, 2016
Selena Marie Baxter 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A youth jail counselor was arrested on a charge of violating the civil rights of a person in custody after allegedly having sex with a teenage boy, police in Texas said.

Hidalgo County police said that they have arrested 29-year-old Selena Marie Baxter, after being accused of having a sexual relationship with the 16-year-old boy who was locked up at the Lake Granbury Youth Services.

Baxter was charged with violating the civil rights of a person in custody and indecency with a child by sexual contact. She was booked into the Hidalgo County jail, and her bail was set at $40,000.

According to the police investigation, Baxter worked for a company called Rite of Passage, which serves juveniles in prison.

Several months ago, the 16-year-old boy met Baxter, as she provided support at his prison facility. When the boy was released, his mother discovered inappropriate text messages on her child’s phone.

The mother also found nude photos of Baxter and inappropriate comments. In one message, Baxter told the boy that she never loved anyone as much as she loves him.

The mother contacted the police, and Baxter was arrested.

The boy told police that he met Baxter at a concert and stayed at the Holiday Express Inn located near South 10th Street and Savannah Avenue, where the engaged in sexual acts.