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28-year-old supermodel and beauty queen dies while undergoing mustache procedure

By Mason White 12:46 PM January 15, 2016
Raquel Santos 

By: Chan Yuan
A supermodel and a beauty contest winner in Brazil, died after going into cardiac arrest while undergoing a cosmetic procedure, Musa do Brasil said in a statement.

28-year-old Raquel Santos went into cardiac arrest while undergoing a “Chinese Mustache” procedure to erase wrinkles around her mouth.

Santos’ husband Gilberto Azevedo, said that during the procedure, his wife experienced difficulty breathing. She had the procedure in a hospital in Niteroi.

The model was taken to another hospital in the city, where he died. Santos, who was a finalist in the 2015 Musa do Brasil contest, was scheduled to do modeling work in Sao Paulo on Thursday.

Friends of Santos, revealed that the model was very concerned about her appearance and obsessed with cosmetic surgery. She did every imaginable cosmetic procedure, one friend revealed.

Wagner Moraes, who performed the Chinese Mustache procedure, defended the operation and suggested that complications occurred because Santos was a heavy smoker and used steroids.

Santos left behind her husband and two children, aged 7 and 13.