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Company opens booth to help stressed out men relax by pleasuring themselves during break from work

By Mason White 11:39 AM January 17, 2016
The GuyFi booth 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A company in New York, announced that it is looking after the health of men by opening booths for them to pleasure themselves in private.

This is believed to be the world’s first such outlet. The company that designed a line of male adult toys known as “guybrator,” is behind the idea.

The company, Hot Octopus, said that stressed out men need a place to relieve themselves during the day. The stand that is called “GuyFi” is located on 28th Street and 5th Avenue in New York City.

The booth was created using an out-of-service telephone booth outfitted with a black curtain, a chair, a laptop computer and a Hot Octopuss advertisement.

The mastermind behind the invention, Adam Lewis, said: “There is no denying that the nine-to-five job can be stressful both in mind and body, especially in a non-stop city like Manhattan.

“At Hot Octopuss, we are all about looking for new solutions to improve everyday life, and we feel we’ve done just that with the new GuyFi booth.”

The company plans to open more booths around the United States and in London, England. The booths are free of charge.