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Liquor stores sell vodka bottles filled with water

By Mason White 4:27 AM January 18, 2016
Bottles of Smirnoff vodka (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Police officers took possession of numerous vodka bottles filled with water that were for sale on the shelves of LCBO liquor stores in Canada, police said.

Toronto police said that at this point, the bottles seem to have been tampered with by a man.

The crime came to light after a customer reported buying a plastic bottle of Smirnoff, which was full of water. Police found the bottles in LCBO stores in Hamilton and Scarborough as well as in other locations.

Police are now trying to identify the suspect who was recorded on a security camera.

62-year-old Rick Crumpton told investigators that he bought a bottle of Smirnoff at the LCBO, and when he got home, he realized that it was not vodka.

Crumpton had a few drinks with his wife, when he realized that something was wrong. At first, he thought that something was wrong with the mixture of flavors, but after checking them, he decided to taste the vodka by itself.

He took a sip from the bottle and realized that it was water. A laboratory analyzed the content of the bottle and found that the substance was not dangerous.

The bottle was filled with water and residual amounts of vodka. So far, no arrests have been made.