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Woman knits life-size replica of her teenage son because he does not want to hug her

By Mason White 11:41 AM January 17, 2016
Marieke Voorsluijs with the knitted replica 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A mother created a replica of her son so she can cuddle with it because he refuses to do so.

Marieke Voorsluijs from the Netherlands, created the life-size replica of her teenage son out if wool.

Voorsluijs is well-known for her creations. She sells unique items that she creates out of wool.

Voorsluijs, who is a professional knitter, said that she likes to knit weird things.

“My son is reaching puberty. We used to cuddle all the time, but those days are becoming scarce,” she said.

She decided to knit the replica of her son to have him closer to her. “I felt like knitting my son. He liked it and we worked together on it. It was a fun family art project,” she added.

The life-size knitted replica was completed with a cap, headphones and an iPod.