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2-year-old girl walks alone to nursery because dead mother did not wake up

By Mason White 6:27 PM January 17, 2016
Nicolla Rushton 

By: Chan Yuan
A police officer and his wife were horrified to see a dead woman lying on the floor of her home after seeing her daughter walking alone to nursery, police in the United Kingdom said.

West Midlands Ambulance Service said that they were called to the home on Shobnall Road in Burton-upon-Trent, after 30-year-old Nicolla Rushton was found dead by the police officer and his wife.

According to the police investigation, the officer and his wife were driving along a street when they saw the 2-year-old girl walking alone.

He stopped his car and went to talk with the girl. Phoebe said that she is on her way to nursery because her mother did not wake up.

The officer and his wife and then followed the girl back to her home and looked around the house. When the found the unresponsive mother on the floor, they called an ambulance.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done to help the woman and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Rushton’s death is not being treated as suspicious.