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Dentist exposes his private parts to nurse and shows picture of his manhood

By Mason White 4:55 AM January 19, 2016
Dentist (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A dentist was dragged before the General Dental Council in the United Kingdom, after being accused of intentionally showing his private parts to a nurse at a clinic.

Now, the General Dental Council has ruled that 31-year-old Andrew Farr of Hereford, unintentionally showed his private parts to the nurse identified as J. R., and was allowed to continue on with his work as a dentist.

The nurse claimed that while Farr was a dentist at the Willows Dental Practice, he exposed himself to her while changing his clothes.

It was also claimed that Farr showed her a photo of his manhood on his phone during work.

However, the General Dental Council panel said that while Farr’s actions were inappropriate, they were not sexually motivated and did not amount to misconduct as he changed his clothes and exposed his manhood to the nurse while she was working on a computer.