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Police officer caught playing ball with her dog after claiming to have suffered crippling injury while on duty to get insurance money

By Mason White 4:54 AM January 19, 2016
Laura Hall 

By: Feng Qian
A police officer was arrested on a charge of fraud after filing a claim with an insurance company, saying that she has suffered crippling injuries while on duty, police in the United Kingdom said.

31-year-old Laura Hall of Essex, claimed to be unable to perform every day activities after being involved in a car accident while on duty.

The Old Bailey heard that while chasing a suspect, Hall had been dragged along the road by a car for 45 feet, causing her to suffer bruises and some damage to her left shoulder.

Hall demanded $500,000 from her insurance company, saying that the incident left her unable to wash, dress, cook or lift heavy objects.

The company became suspicious about her claims and they followed Hall for eight days. She was found to be able to carry out numerous activities, including lifting heavy bags and playing ball with her dog.

She was recorded driving a manual car, despite claiming that she needed an automatic vehicle because she could no longer shift gears.

When confronted with the video, Hall quickly abandoned her claim for $500,000 and asked for just $22,000 in compensation.