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Woman suffers disorder that causes her to vomit up to 15 times an hour

By Mason White 3:24 AM January 19, 2016
Sherrie Duggan 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman in the United Kingdom, who is suffering from a rare disorder that causes her to vomit up to 15 times per hour, revealed that she thought about killing herself several times.

35-year-old Sherrie Duggan of Hall Green, suddenly became afflicted with constant nausea. During episodes, Duggan constantly suffers vomiting and stomach pain.

After months of testing, Duggan was diagnosed with (CVS) Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, a condition that she shares with only a handful of people in the country.

It all started with violent vomiting and stomach pain one night last year, Duggan recalled. The severe nausea left her paralyzed on her bedroom floor.

At first, she thought that she just had a bad stomach bug, and did not even go to the doctor. After being paralyzed by the disease for fifteen days, Duggan knew there was something seriously wrong.

After several additional days, Duggan fell into a diabetic coma and was rushed to the Heartlands Hospital. The nonstop vomiting had left severely dehydrated and acidosis, a condition that blood becomes more acidic over time.

Six days later, Duggan was discharged from the hospital.

She continues to suffer regular attacks, which start around 9:00 p.m. and could last about 48 hours, or sometimes even five days.

She confesses that she sometimes felt so trapped and exhausted that she considered ending her own life. There is no cure for CVS.

Duggan is being treated with anti-nausea medication usually taken by chemotherapy patients. Duggan now manages to hold off the attacks for four months at a time.

She also keeps a diet of simple foods. She cannot eat anything sweet or fried.