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40-year-old woman announces she is pregnant with her 19th child

By Mason White 3:58 PM January 19, 2016
The Radford family 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Parents of Britain’s largest family announced that they are expecting baby number 19.

Interestingly enough, Sue Radford, 40, vowed not to have more children after her youngest son was born.

Sue and her husband Noel, 45, welcomed their youngest son Hallie Alphia Beau, only eight months ago, but she is now pregnant again.

The Radford family is self-sufficient. They run a successful bakery in Morecambe, Lancashire, and they do not take any government benefits aside from the regular child benefits.

Many people have commented on the fact that the family’s home is always clean and organized, and the children are well cared for.

Karen Dowley wrote on Facebook: “He works hard, they keep a spotless home, their kids are polite and good in school. I have no problem with that! Congratulations.” The comment received 459 likes in just 3 hours.

Sue and Noel were childhood sweethearts. Sue got pregnant with their first child when she was just 14 years old.

The couple’s children include: Chris, 25, Sophie, 21, Chloe, 19, Jack, 17, Daniel, 15, Luke, 14, Millie, 13, Katie, 12, James, 11, Ellie, 9, Aimee, 8, Josh, 7, Max, 6, Tilly, 4, Oscar, 3, Casper, 2 and eight-month-old Hallie. Baby Alfie, “baby number 17,” was stillborn.