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Father bites baby to get him to be tough and not gay

By Mason White 11:24 AM January 19, 2016
The victim 

By: Feng Qian
A mother in Colombia, reported her boyfriend to police after he bit their baby.

The baby’s father is being investigated over the claims that he bit his son several times in order to get him to be a tough man and to “stop him from becoming gay.”

The incident happened in Bogota, when the man was babysitting his son. His actions were discovered when the boy’s mother saw her son’s injuries after returning home.

The unidentified woman said the when she asked the father what happened, he just laughed and explained his twisted logic that it will make his son into a strong man and stop him from becoming gay.

The mother took photos of the injuries. The baby had bite marks on his hand and chin. The woman reported the incident to police, but she said that they refused to take action against the father.

She then reported the case to social workers, who are now considering whether they should to take the child away from her.

The mother said that she is devastated over the turn of events.

Her boyfriend was not arrested after police allegedly said that bites look like it was caused by a cat. However, the woman might be punished for trying to protect her child from his father.

The mother look to social media, where she posted photos of her baby’s bite marks in an attempt to get justice for him.