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Police officer shows nude pictures of himself to waitress while on duty

By Mason White 4:56 AM January 20, 2016
Police officer (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A police officer resigned after being accused of showing naked photos of himself to a waitress while he was on duty, police in Florida said.

Officer Thomas Gagliardi of the Altamonte Springs Police Department, resigned on Friday, after an investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

According to the police investigation, Gagliardi showed two pictures of himself naked to a waitress in the parking lot of a restaurant.

A customer who observed what the officer was doing, filed a complaint about the conduct.

Gagliardi, who was on duty and in uniform at the time of the incident, argued that was the interaction was between two consenting adults and he made sure no one was around to see the naked pictures.

The police department concluded that Gagliardi’s actions were clearly outside the expected behavior of a police officer and a cause for concern about his judgement.