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School teacher caught on video working as a prostitute

By Mason White 3:49 PM January 19, 2016
Katya Gorlova 

By: Chan Yuan
A school district in Russia, launched an investigation after a teacher was caught working as a prostitute.

22-year-old Katya Gorlova, also known as Anastasia Monpasye, works as a nursery school teacher in Kaliningrad Oblast.

Recently, a video has emerged, showing Gorlova accepting $50 from a man in exchange for sex. As the two were talking about jobs in the nude, Gorlova revealed that she gets paid to sing and dance in the nursery.

Gorlova told school officials that her part-time as a prostitute does not in any way hinder her work at school. She also claimed that since she is single, she can have sex with anyone she pleases.

Before being hired as a teacher, Gorlova worked as a dancer in several nightclubs. Gorlova was also found to have profiles on several dating sites that focus on intimate services.

Gorlova revealed that she is preparing to file a lawsuit against the man who released the video, as it damaged her reputation.

So far, she has not been fired from the school.