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Woman who summoned man to court learns that his twin brother fathered her baby

By Mason White 4:50 PM January 20, 2016
Tendai and Trust Zimunye 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was shocked to learn that she became pregnant by the identical twin of the man she believed was her lover.

Dungeni of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, learned that she was misled throughout her entire relationship when she took her former boyfriend to court for child support.

Tendai Zimunye was summonsed to court for child support, but he surprised everyone in court when he announced the his twin brother was the child’s father.

Dungeni said that she was surprised to see a man who looked identical to Tendai in court, claiming that he was her former lover.

Tendai told the court that he had been served with a summons to appear in court rather than his twin brother, who is named Trust Zimunye.

Dungeni said that she never knew that the man with whom she was in a relationship had a twin brother.

Magistrate Adelaide Mbeure ordered both men, who are soldiers, to come to court and it was determined that Trust was indeed the father.

Trust, who had apparently used his brother’s name when dating Dungeni, told the court that he was already paying child support for two other children.

He told the court that he is paying $200 to his former wife for his son and $100 for his daughter with a former girlfriend.

“I’m surviving on debt, I can only offer $50 a month to Dungeni,” he said. The judge agreed and ordered him to pay $50 a month for child support.