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Taxi driver banned from taking children to school after being seen kissing his own daughters

By Mason White 6:36 PM January 21, 2016
Tony Kemp 

By: Wayne Morin
A man of the United Kingdom, was left embarrassed and without a job after he was banned from taking girls to school.

Tony Kemp of Pickering, North Yorkshire, was suspended from school for six days after the council was told that he was hugging girls.

However, while investigating the incident, the school officials learned that the girls he was hugging were his own daughters, and he was reinstated.

The 60-year-old man described the ordeal as a “nightmare.” Kemp said that he was called by the North Yorkshire County Council, and was told that he was suspended from school operations, effective immediately.

Kemp was told that an accusation was made against him, but they refused to give him further details.

Kemp found out from another person in the taxi business that someone saw him kissing young girls, and he is being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with them.

That is when Kemp realized that the person must have seen him hugging and kissing his own daughters.

Kemp, who runs the Crystal Cars in Pickering, said that he and his children’s mother are separated and the girls live with their mother.

When the girls, who are 9 and 11 years old, see their father bringing other girls to school, they run over to him. They hug and kiss as a regular family.

Tony said that he could not understand why he was not informed about the allegations before he was suspended so that he can clarify the situation.

Instead, he suffered humiliation. “I also lost hundreds of pounds worth of business, but worse than that is that the reputation I have built for the last twelve years, has been shattered,” kemp said.

“I am worried about people thinking that I went around kissing the school girls,” he said.

A council spokesperson in North Yorkshire said: “We have followed the child protection procedures. This matter has been investigated and found to be false.”