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Dollar General store manager rapes two women after catching them shoplifting

By Mason White 11:56 AM January 22, 2016
Robert Lindlau 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in Tennessee, have arrested a store manager after he was accused of raping two women.

38-year-old Robert Lindlau, an assistant manager at a Dollar General Store in Clarksville, allegedly forced the women to perform sexual acts on him in a locked room, according to police.

Lindlau took the women, who are 32 and 44 years old, to a back office of the store. He told them that he called police and that it would be about an hour before they arrived.

However, police records showed that no call had been made to them. The women told police that Lindlau forced them to strip naked and he fondled them.

Both women said that they were forced to perform sex acts on him, police said.

They “were in fear for their safety and felt that they had no choice but to meet the demands of Lindlau,” police said.

Lindlau then told the women to put their clothes back on and instructed them to leave the store, police said.

He allowed them to leave the store with some of the items that they had tried to shoplift. Lindlau was arrested and charged with two counts of rape.

Police are worried that there might be more victims who are afraid to come forward. Police said that “if anyone knows of similar incidents involving Lindlau, they should call the police.