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Flock of 150 sheep help police arrest fleeing suspects

By Mason White 12:41 PM January 22, 2016
The flock of sheep in front of police cars 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in New Zealand, said that a flock of sheep helped them apprehend suspects.

The flock of sheep helped the police in Queenstown, after blocking a car that had been leading police on a chase for more than 90 minutes.

Police began chasing the Honda Integra on Friday morning, after it was seen speeding and it had no license plates.

The suspects traveled through Otago, and eventually led police to a farmland.

That is when a herd of about 150 sheep completely blocked the escape route of the out of control car, forcing the suspects to make a sudden stop.

Police were able to arrest the suspects. Police then learned that the sheep that came to their aid are owned by a police officer.